If twilight has a voice, then that voice is Wendy Rule

New Witch Magazine – USA 


Ever the High Priestess, Rule plays a role she is both beloved in, and born into

The Music Magazine - Australia


There’s no one quite like Wendy Rule. 

Her albums are always visionary journeys full of the extremes of passion,

 from the most gentle to the most sweeping.

Rip it Up Magazine, Australia


.Dark, sensual, sonic theatre...compelling stuff.    –  

Rolling Stone Australia


Blessed by a voice that purrs and soars….  

The Age Good Weekend, Australia


Every so often Melbourne throws up a singular talent, 

someone previously hidden amongst the well-established musical tribes, 

someone possessed of a unique vision. 

Wendy Rule, the vocalist, songwriter and visionary behind this remarkable album, is such and artist.  

Beat Magazine, Australia


Wendy Rule gives meaning to the word unique

Sweeping melodies, emotive vocals and the ability to haunt the mind like a lingering spirit.  

Beat Magazine, Melbourne


Beautiful is a word not often used to describe the work of independent Australian artists… 

but Wendy Rule’s bold second album, Deity, deserves no lesser description. 

The Age Good Weekend, Australia


World Between Worlds is Cd number three for the rather prolific, 

obscenely talented local songstress, Wendy Rule.  

Beat Magazine Melbourne


Its been said that there’s nobody quite like Wendy Rule. 

Her sensually overwhelming music illuminates the spectrum of potential human experience, 

and the extraordinary emotional range of her voice traces Rule’s own path within it

 Inpress Magazine, Melbourne


Her smoky voice soars and swoops to incredibly low depths 

Courier Mail, Brisbane


Fans of this talented Melbourne singer find her little short of mesmerising… 

Rule drags you from one end of the spectrum to the other, 

plunging into dark despair before dragging you back into brilliant sunshine.  

Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne