Wendy Rule gives meaning to the word unique… Sweeping melodies, emotive vocals and the ability to haunt the mind like a lingering spirit. ”

— Beat Magazine, Melbourne, Australia

“Its been said that there’s nobody quite like Wendy Rule. Her sensually overwhelming music illuminates the spectrum of potential human experience, and the extraordinary emotional range of her voice traces Rule’s own path within it.”



Blurring the line between music, theatre and ritual, Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule weaves her dark-ambient mystical songs along pathways of Magic and mythology. With her extraordinary voice and heartfelt lyrics, Wendy invites her audience on an immersive journey of depth and passion. Over the past 25 years, Wendy has released 11 studio albums and numerous side projects, and has toured the world extensively. Originally from Melbourne Australia, Wendy is now living in the countryside near the beautiful High Desert town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA, with daily access to the wilderness that inspires her transformational work.