photo by Karen Kuehn

photo by Karen Kuehn

“Dark, sensual, sonic theatre...compelling stuff”

Rolling Stone Australia


“If twilight has a voice, that voice is Wendy Rule”

New Witch Magazine, USA  


Blurring the line between music, theatre and ritual, Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule weaves her dark-ambient mystical songs along pathways of Magic and mythology.  With her extraordinary voice and heartfelt lyrics, she invites her audience on an immersive journey of depth and passion.


Over the past  three decades, Wendy has released 11 studio albums and numerous side projects, and has toured the world extensively - both as a musician, and as a celebrated educator in Pagan spirituality. A dedicated live performer, she continues to tour and grow her loyal fanbase. Originally from Melbourne, Wendy relocated from Australia to the USA in 2014 and is now living in the beautiful Northern New Mexico countryside,  allowing an even stronger connection to her ever growing US fanbase, and providing daily access to the wild Nature that inspires her unique and transformational work. 


Wendy’s last album, Persephone, was the culmination of over twelve years work, and unlike anything that she had done before. This beautifully evocative retelling of the Ancient Greek myth of the Goddess Persephone’s descent into the Underworld is almost like an opera, designed to guide the listener through this ancient tale of the cycles of Nature. Sung partly in Greek, with subtle textures that reference her early life as a jazz singer, and with the trademark dark, gothic soundscapes and souring vocals of her previous 7 major albums, Persephone is an ambitious and unique 24 track journey through the realms of Life, Death, and human emotion. 


Wendy is currently working on her next album, Meadowlark, due for release in June 2024. An ode to her iconic Victorian home in New Mexico, Wendy is taking a fresh new approach with this project. With the help of her husband Timothy Van Diest, they are recording the album in their home studio, immersed in the gorgeous New Mexico Nature that has inspired this beautiful collection of new songs. 




2019           Persephone   Double Album

2017            Vox Solfeggio   with Timothy Van Diest

2014            Black Snake

2012            Live at the Castle on the Hill    Live album with Timothy Van Diest

2010            Guided By Venus

2008           Beneath the Below is a River   with Craig Patterson 

2007           Meditations on the 4 Elements

2006           The Wolf Sky

2004            A Night of Jazz   Live album of jazz standards

2004            Deep Within a Faerie Forest  with Gary Stadler

2003           The Lotus Eaters

2000           World Between Worlds

1999             Artemis  4 track CD single 

1998            Deity

1997            Live   Live concert recording 

1996            Continental Isolation  3 track CD single 

1996            Zero



2016   Performance and end credit song in Boys in the Trees  

           feature film by Nicholas Verso

2000  An Underworld Journey  

           Video release of a original musical / theatrical show