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Here's an update on my Meadowlark album! We're at the final stages of finishing all of the music and visuals. All of the recording is complete, and now it's just over to our guy in Melbourne who is doing the mixing and mastering to make it all sound wonderful (so far, the early draft mixes sound so beautiful!), and for my wonderful friend Vicki Teague Cooper to finish the graphic design for the CD. 

We'll be sending it off to be pressed at the end of next week, so that the CDs are back in time for my Australian tour. They will take a few weeks, and I leave on May 23rd, so it feels like a really tight deadline, but I know we can make it! I'll also press vinyl later in the year, but there's no way that that would be ready for this tour, as it is about a 4 month turnaround. 

I've just launched a kickstarter campaign to help us cover the cost of the pressing, and to pay the amazing artists who worked on the project. Here's the link where you can pre-order the album, as well as some other fun rewards: 


We had a couple of upheavals that created some obstacles in the recording of this album. Firstly, I broke my arm in December, which meant that I couldn't record any more guitar until the cast was off and I'd regained mobility of my hand. All good now, thank the Goddess! But the other upheaval was far more serious. My son Reuben's partner Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. Reuben was a major part of this album, and our intention was that he would produce it, as well as play all the other instruments on the the tracks (bass, synth, guitars percussion etc). He had completed half the album when we received the awful news, and of course he had to withdraw from the project to dedicate all his time and attention to help Sarah through her ordeal. And Sarah was going to mix the album, too. But we managed to find just the right people to complete the project in record time (Carisa and Andrew from the band Night Tongue in Los Angeles). Sarah just started 6 months of chemotherapy, which will be followed by major surgery, poor thing. 

So yeah, it's been a very stressful time of upheaval, which makes me even more proud to know that Meadowlark will be out in the world very soon. 

Stay tuned!

Love and Magic



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