Our Lady Moon is waxing to the Full, and will reach her peak in the sign of Virgo this Saturday, February 24th 2024. 

Here's a short video that I made for social media yesterday, and scroll down for a more thoughts on Virgo's qualities. (And remember, we all have a little piece of Virgo in us, and we can all tap into this Virgo Full Moon to enhance our connection to the sign)

Virgo is such a beautiful sign, and so often misunderstood and underestimated.  It is an Earth sign, expressing itself in the Mutable modality. All the Mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo) share a love of change - a willingness to move from one state of being to another. It's easy to see how Air, or Fire, or Water can embrace an every changing state, but what about Earth that is seemingly so stable and solid? 

Well, when we really pay attention to Earth as both a planet and an Element, we realize that it's always in a state of flux. Things are living, growing and dying constantly. When we view time in eons, we know that entire continents shift and change, that species and habitats come and go. But even in a more immediate setting we can witness Earth's mutability. 

Every year, the cycle of the seasons sees plants emerging, blooming, ripening, and returning back to Earth. Time lapse photography shows how rapidly a tendril will reach for an anchor, or a seed will sprout. So to me, the easiest way to connect with the Mutable Earth of Virgo is to connect with plant life!  Simply observing and tending to a garden, or arranging a bouquet of flowers,  is a beautiful way of honouring Virgo's gifts. 

Virgo energy loves to create pattern and order out of chaos. Yes, the cliche of Virgo being a perfectionist rings true, but only because its quick and clever mind, and heightened critical thinking  (after all, it's ruled by the planet Mercury) can easily see where improvements can be made. It is willing to spend time observing the tiniest details in order to strive for perfection. 

All of these qualities - a clever mind, a love of pattern and order, a strong connection with the cycles of Nature, and also the Virgoan love of being of service.  - makes Virgo energy the perfect ally for ritual work, for stepping into the role of Priest/ess/ex, and for finding Magic in the everyday. 

Yesterday, for this month's Full Moon Magic concert for my PATREON community, I channeled the Virgo energy and combined my usual ritual concert with some Kitchen Witchery, and baked a batch of delicious vegan banana muffins during the concert! Such a fun way to honour Virgo's many gifts. 

How will you channel the energy of this year's Virgo Full Moon? 

Which areas of your life could do with some more critical thinking? 

Where in your life can you be of more service to yourself and others? 

Where do you need to really look at the details of a situation? 


You can check out the video above for my short social-media post about this Virgo Full Moon, and of course, if you'd like to dive in even more deeply, head over to my Patreon page and you can watch the full Virgo Full Moon Magic Concert (and muffin making!). You can join for just $3 a month, or take advantage of the 1 week free trial to check out this month's concert. 

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