Live at the Castle on the Hill

This album was recorded in January 2011 on a rainy night in Uki, Northern NSW (Australia). The building itself was very beautiful, and the setting was magnificent. After casting circle and creating sacred space, Timothy and I performed acoustic versions of songs from all of my albums, as well as our latest song, Vasalisa. I think it was one of our finest performances, and I was thrilled when our sound guy, Rich Bell, said that he had recorded the show! The result is raw and absolutely live, and perfectly captures my current, stripped back live sound, including lots of stories and ritual. I love it, and I think you will too! What it lacks in polished production it definitely makes up for in energy.



1. Circle Cast

2. The Wolf Sky

3. My Sister the Moon

4. Inisfree

5. Dance of the Wild Faeries

6. Radiate

7. Artemis

8. Shine

9. Animus

10. The Story of Vasalisa

11. Vasalisa

12. Guided by Venus

13. World Between Worlds

14. Circle Open

15. Encore

Live recording by Rich Bell

Edited and mastered by Adam Calaitzes, Toyland Studios, Melbourne

Artwork by Timothy Van Diest

Finished art by Craig Fryers


Wendy Rule: Vocal and guitar

Timothy Van Diest: Guitar and backing vocals