Black Snake

Black Snake is an album of transformation. It follows my personal journey of the past couple of years – of stripping back and letting go of everything that was holding me back, and of reaching a point of vulnerability that allows for true growth. It’s an album of great optimism, and although some of the songs are soft and dark and sad, many are full of the great exhilaration of Life and Nature and the incredible Universe. Even though the 12 songs explore my own journey, they are really celebrating universal themes of death and rebirth, of descent and re-awakening. It’s your story, too! And it’s Mother Earth’s story.




1 Black Snake

2 Juniper

3 Let The Wind Blow

4 Rewind

5 Why Must Love Be Twined With Sorrow?

6 A Will Of Its Own

7 Ereshkigal

8 From Great Above To Great Below

9 After The Storm

10 Winter

11 Home

12 All Life Flows Into The Great Mother

Black Snake was recorded over the Melbourne Winter of 2013. I wrote most of the album in the wilderness of New Mexico, USA – deeply inspired by the great expanses of Earth and sky, and nurtured by the scented desert of Juniper and Piñon. It’s an album of transformation, of stripping back, of death and rebirth, and celebration of Life. The snake has always been a powerful personal symbol for me, and I felt that somehow she (or he) was my guide through this journey – reminding me that I needed to move through the discomfort of shedding my old scales before my shiny new Self could emerge. I returned to Australia to willingly ‘Winter in” and record the album, writing my final few songs on the lovely cold beaches and woodlands of the Mornington Peninsula. All songs written by Wendy Rule
Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland, Melbourne

Wendy Rule: Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar on tracks 7 and 12

Reuben George Bloxham: Bass Guitar (except track 8) Organ on tracks 7 and 12 Ambient Electric Guitar throughout the album Lawrence Grifa: Drums (except track 9)

Rachel Samuel: Cello

Aaron Barnden: Violin

Elissa Goodrich: Marimba

Timothy Van Diest: Native American Flute Electric Guitar on track 3

Kerri Simpson: Additional Vocals on tracks 7 and 12

Maryanne T Window: Bass Guitar on tracks 8

William Llewellyn Griffiths: Drums on track 9

Design and Illustrations by Dustin Wallace (

Photos by Peter Paradise Michaels at Ravenwolfe Photography (

Cello generously sponsored by Robert J Adamson

Violin generously sponsored by Margaret Green

The recording of Black Snake was made possible by the generous support of my friends and fans during my fundraising campaign. I’d like to thank absolutely everyone who contributed !

and especially the following people:
Margaret Green, Michael and Jennifer Fenster, Robert J Adamson, Andrew Jelliffe, Art Bébé, Judith A. Cartisano, Ellen Slaten, Janine Sorensen, Dave and Kerri Barnes, David Dare, Sarah & Robert Hepburn, Terry Hartin, Amanda Burrell Belle, Eilish De Avalon, Lisa Aileen Paul, Mike Neal, Guillermo Fernandez, Kate Price, Kathy Barker, Katt Taylor, Paul Pollard, Daniil Sorokin, Dijana Dawe, Jessica Smith, Joeleen Carra Green, Tanya M. Winters, Andrew Robinson, Danny Klopovic,
Evelyn Birch, JACQUELINE TAYLOR, Kelly Lorraine Garland, Peter and Cecily Cropley, Ray Thorpe, Thomas Siegrist, Angela Apostolopoulos, Matilda Mayfair, Robert Flint, Gary Quinton, Asha Paris Gare, Jo Harris, Karen MCcloud, Deb Johnston,
Linda Henery, Pagan Mike, Sue Collins, Tom & Anne Willey, Abby Young, Alan McMahan, Claudia Obrien, Cyndee Frew, ErynMark Begley, Genevieve Sovereign, Genevieve Williamson, Greg Nesbitt, Shiva and Kala, Isabella, Jeanne (Pythia) Leiter Clark,
Jeffrey J Hanson, Kat Kelly-Kobes, Kathy Molloy, Leslie Sheedy Lintz, Luke Landry, Lyndell Francis, Mary L. Jones, MermistaMermaid, Michael Blackley, Rebekah Kittl, Russell Garcia, Tania Agnew, Tina Good, viv robbins, Andrea Tappe, Caterina Lejeune O’Sullivan, David Koch,Dwight Everhart,Effi Salmon,Jeff Reed,Justine,Karina Raffaele,May Loi,Melissa Gole,Peter van Gorder,Rebekah Naomi Cox,Samantha Lang,Sarah Lock,Tania borley,Broderick Proeger,Bruce Beauchamp,Claire Marsh,Danni,Jason Eaby,Jess Godfree,Joan Krummert,Kane & Lhysa Mangobean,Karen Enno Cahoon,Marina Bryant,Marsha and Nick Regan,Mike Raffaele,Nicholas Verso,Pearl MacManus,Rachael Rodriguez Backas,Rachel Carr,Vicki Long,Aga Deblaise,Alan and Debbie OConnor,Alexander De La Rue,Allen McPhee,Allison Evans,Allison hunter,Andrea Thomas,Annie Dunlop,Annie Laperrière,Brian Morton,Craig Carter,Cynthia Caton,Dale & Rita Walters,Dan Pierson,David Abigt,David Boughey,Deanna Warren,Debra Pahl,Dominic Berry,Dominique Wilson,Dylän Dibdin,Edward E Allen jr,Elise Hayden-Ferdman,Elizabeth Rose,Gaye Bishop,Heather Willis,Jane Clelland,Jann Selleck,Jess Krop,Jim Good,Joan Coughlin,Joe Hughes,Jon Naughton,Joseph Wemhoner,Kaarin Cotterill,Kara Lee Kennedy,Karen Ryles,Kate Wylie,Kath Imlach,Katharine Archer,Katherine Cunningham,Kathryn Stewart,Kelly-Earth Healer-Watts,Kylie,Kylie Obrien,kym hanrahan,Lachlan Smith,Laneth Sffarlenn,Laurian Green,Lilly Beth Oliver,Lisa Lawther,LouiseX,Lyza,Mark Rapp,Mary Diamond-Kissiday,Mary Pacheco,Melody Townsend,Michelle Duke,Mike Weis,Miriam Rose Brooker,Mitra Lujan,Morris Melloy,Ngatina Purnell-Webb,Nicola Malbon,Pam o’Brien,Paul Blair,Petta KneeLah,Phillip Manfredi,Rachael Hammond,Rachel Samuel,Rand Stamm,Ratty Green,Richard Borg,Richard Hryckiewicz,Ronald Smith,Samantha Griffin-Church,Scott Baldwin,Sharman Freewomyn,SoulbirdDescends,Stephanie Coxon,Sue Jackel,Tamara Lampard,Tania Candy,Tommy Elf,Tori Collins,Tracey Winters,Valerie North,Vanessa Hoger,Vicki Scotti,Madeleine Heyser,Vivienne Thomas,Wanda,Wycked Wytch,Yvette Mathieson,